David’s done it and Steve’s done it so I’m going to follow suit: what kind of things would you like to see covered in this blog? I’m not just fishing for suggestions, I also want some kind of indication of the level of material people want to see. I’m completely open to suggestions – in fact I’ve already started looking in to an article on remote scripting as a direct result of feedback from this site.

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  • Ammar Ibrahim

    It would be great if you could tell us about some tools, utilities and so on.

  • Firestorm2003

    I’m good at formatting text and paragraphs in CSS, but not so good at layouts. I think we should see more layout blogs.

  • http://www.deni.co.nz oneyeddog

    I am keen on learning more on entire site layouts with CSS and about how the different browsers display it all. I am sick of tables, bring on the CSS! Thanks 8^)

  • megamanXplosion

    I agree with oneyeddog. So far in your blog, you have posted one entry about CSS problems and solutions (which isn’t extremely helpful), three about browsers, and one about DHTML. CSS is the only subject you haven’t touched yet. Another “taming lists” article would be good becaise you cannot stress those ideas and techniques enough! CSS based rollovers would also make for a good article.

  • http://www.peterbailey.net beetle

    I think covering some site-building strategies would be good, intead of just more “here’s what to do in different browsers”.

    Thing such as using BODY ids, multiple classnames, the !important rule, and semantic classnames. These make writing CSS not only easier, but more flexible. (I’d be happy to contribute, here)

    Remote scripting is a good idea. Maybe some stuff about writing namespace-friendly scripts, or tips on porting a procedural script over to an object-based version. Maybe some stuff about using well-established APIs (such as cross-browser.com) to use as a base for new scripts, instead of the contstant re-inventing of the wheel we see. Javascript is the most shared language, yet it’s RARELY written to be portable.

  • Mark Wubben

    I’d like to see you cover the more interesting bits of JavaScript. Most people underestimate and abuse the language, which I think is a bad thing.

  • jkaiser

    I would like to see a tutorial done in a case study format, ie. “Company XYZ called XYZDesign looking for a 5 page standards compliant design for their restaurant. Here’s how XYZDesign pulled it off.” It would be quite long, so maybe it could be broken up into a series of articles? Just a suggestion:)

  • http://www.webconxeon.com elemental70

    I’d like to see some tutorials on “special” effects and a clear explanation of positions and units of measure.
    Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.passportcanada.com/ astericks

    I’ll be interested in the following:

    Firstly, complete css layout, and more specifically, header, 2 columns and footer. There are a lot of 3 column resources out there, but I couldn’t find much on 2 columns.

    And secondly, I’d like to learn more about hierarchy or inheritance in CSS.

    Links to articles regarding these features are very welcome too.


  • Tom

    I would like to see how to replace tables as the layout mechanism for my websites

  • http://josephlindsay.com/ NZ Joe

    CSS tips and cool CSS samples. Interesting sites, CSS only layouts, demonstrations of what is possible. News on future versions/standards?

  • http://as-if-by-magic.com Tygger2512

    I would like to see a clear definition of the different methods for positioning DIVs and the pros/cons of each.

  • Filippo Formentini

    I’m new to css layout and I find difficult to build pages which are displayed identically on IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla and Safari. So some site-building strategy will be very very helpful.
    One tip: I have to make floating boxes with round borders. I found a couple of solutions but they are not cross-browser and so I made them static. Is there a solution?

  • Peter

    CSS Tables! Can’t have enough about that.

  • dfraize

    I agree with “Firestorm2003”, more layout advice would be great. Espeically when you get into more advance things that you would like to do on a site.

    Also another thing that would be great is give a best practice approach to take when you are first starting to build your site out using styles sheets. Many times I have that I when down the wrong road and had to go back to fix this issue.

  • assemblage

    Layouts, three column with a footer in a container that keeps all three column’s equal height.

    Also good methods to dealing with texts without going overboard with a whole bunch of classes and ids.

    Also how to deal with em and the shrinking fonts.

  • assemblage

    Layouts, three column with a footer in a container that keeps all three column’s equal height.

    Also good methods to dealing with texts without going overboard with a whole bunch of classes and ids.

    Also how to deal with em and the shrinking fonts.

  • http://simon.incutio.com/ Skunk

    Excellent – thanks for all the great feedback. I’ll be sure to post more on CSS topics this week.

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