Waiting for Android: UrlJsonAsyncTask Source code for this article: UrlJsonAsyncTaskTest on GitHub Download and install the Android app: UrlJsonAsyncTaskTest.apk (Android 2.2 or greater) You can also scan this QR Code to download it to your Android phone: Overview I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to load a ProgressDialog in Android, query JSON from a remote URL, and then return control back to the app once the query has completed. It’s an incredibly common control flow, and one I’m sick of doing over and over again. I’m sure I’m not alone.

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BuildMobile: Waiting for Android: UrlJsonAsyncTask

Tony is a self-motivated workaholic anti-evangelist, a paradoxical creature who is both modest and awesome. When he’s not adding yet another technology or language to his toolbox, he can usually be found spouting wisdom and nonsense on Twitter, creating opinionated technical content on SavageLook.com, or using what’s left of his sparse free time creating and contributing to open source projects on GitHub. Mobile is his game lately, but don’t be surprised to occasionally get a glimpse of whatever bleeding edge technology interested him that day.

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