In general, consumers are looking for a game they can play for a minute or two and feel completely satisfied. One of the precious gems that fits this need on the App store is Infinity Blade II. Combine instant gratification with a compelling story, role playing game mechanics, and an infinite amount of entertainment and you have this game.

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BuildMobile: Infinity Blade 2

I am a full time college student as well as a full time employee working in web development as well as iOS app programming. I love learning and programming, the more I can do of each, the better. There are no design genes in my body, I'm a programmer all the way. I work with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Objective C, C++ and C on a daily basis to help bring the best mobile experience to users. My goal is to help others to transition into the new era of mobile devices with an effective website and or mobile application.

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