Markus (yes, call him by his surname) is a web-design and web development enthusiast from Hungary. Currently living in Malta, where first got involved in e-commerce, later specialized in e-payments. Working on web projects combined with online sales shortly led to major interest in cross-device development. He is an experimental person, digging into the latest web standards. Demands his daily portion of tech feeds and doesn't drive a mile without a podcast on.

Zsombor's articles

  1. An Interview With The Co-founder of TheAppBuilder

    Those of you who dream of a successful startup better pay attention to TheAppBuilder. It’s one of those stories where a couple of savvy developers discover a market gap and come up with a well-executed and successful solution. It’s been about 6 months since I had a chat with TheAppBuilder team. I have been following […]

  2. TheAppBuilder – Interview with Matthew David

    TheAppBuilder is a new online service that helps you create native Android, iOS, and Windows Phone applications (yes, all at once) in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, as soon as you pay the standard setup price, it also gets published in the 3 major marketplaces. I see you app developers laughing it off, […]

  3. Using Orientation on Your Mobile Sites

    Orientation and Device Orientation. What’s the Difference? Before we start, I think it would be useful to clarify that “orientation” is not the same as “device orientation.” Orientation by itself simply involves the proportions of the browser window, allowing you to assign different properties to “portrait” and “landscape” mode through CSS media queries. Orientation: recognizes […]

  4. Designing Responsively: Fundamental Practices

    You might already know of responsive design, mobile-first approach, and graceful degradation techniques to build widely accessible websites and web apps. In this post, I focus on the mobile-first aspect of design, and beyond this will highlight some techniques that could also enhance the desktop version of your site.