Xavier Shay is a DataMapper committer who has contributed to Ruby on Rails. He wrote the Enki blog platform, as well as other widely used libraries, including TufteGraph for JavaScript graphing and Kronic for date formatting and parsing. In 2010, he traveled the world running Ruby on Rails workshops titled "Your Database Is Your Friend." He regularly organizes and speaks at the Melbourne Ruby on Rails Meetup, and also blogs on personal development at TwoShay, and on more esoteric coding topics at Robot Has No Heart.

Xavier's articles

  1. Code Safari: Configuring Capybara

    In his continuing Code Safari series, Xavier Shay takes us into the depths of the Capybara source code to discover how it implements its configuration syntax.

  2. Complex Rails Forms with Nested Attributes

    One of the killer features in Rails is its powerful form-generating API. In this tutorial, Xavier Shay demonstrates step-by-step how to build complex multimodel forms using `accepts_nested_attributes`