1. August Reading Materials from .NETLand

    People often ask me how I know so much. I tell them I am divinely inspired, but that is a lie. The truth is I read a lot. Possibly too much. And probably should get out more and see the sun or somesuch. But I hate the big blue room with a passion.

    Part of the reason I read so much is that there are a lot of .NET resources on the web. But the signal to noise ratio can be a bit low at times. In any case, I thought I would share some recent items as well as some of the regular sources . . .

  2. New Toys: Sandcastle CTP & July Atlas CTP

    This week Microsoft has released two new CTPs. The first is the initial drop of Sandcastle, their .NET 2.0 documentation compilation tool. The second is yet another release of the ASP.NET Atlas framework.

  3. I’m Manic for XPathmania

    Writing XPath can be a painful experience. But there are some tools to aid the developer in their struggles. One new one for Visual Studio 2005 users is XPathmania, an integrated XPath visualization tool.

  4. Atlas:UpdatePanel + Template = Really Darned Kewl

    I must say that ASP.NET Atlas, Microsoft’s free Ajax framework is pretty cool. Far and away my favorite feature is that it allows me, a Javascript challenged C# head, to build really slick, Ajaxy apps without leaving my server-side comfort zone. All that needed be done was write the application so that it worked within […]

  5. MS Virtual PC Now Free

    This just in: Microsoft Virtual PC is now free! Now, you might ask, how does this help me as a developer? Well, let me count the ways: It lets one much more easily replicate the production environment without investing in hardware. It lets one test out beta software (such as IE 7 or Windows Vista) […]