Thom has been writing software since the days when ALL phones were wired. He calls himself a ParaHacker. Seduced by Rails and then enthralled with Ruby, Thom was an early adopter of RubyMotion. When he is not playing board games, you will find Thom on the Sitepoint forums where he is an Advisor.

Thom's articles

  1. Interviewing Rogues: Charles Max Wood, Part I

    The Lead Rogue Every week a group of Ruby Enthusiasts get together in a Virtual Roundtable and explore/discuss/argue some aspect of the Ruby language or the Ruby community. They allow the rest of us to listen in on their discussion by way of the Ruby Rogues podcast. The podcast can be accessed on iTunes or […]

  2. RubyMotion Workflow Customizations

    RubyMotion is a set of tools that simplifies the development of iOS applications, compiling source code to native iOS machine language. It shares its heritage with MacRuby, making it a familiar option for experienced Rubyists to develop applications for iPhone/iPod/iPad. RubyMotion provides direct access to iOS Classes and Libraries, RubyGems and supports the mixing of […]

  3. RubyMotion: Dreams Do Come True

    The website for RubyMotion calls it “A revolutionary toolchain for iOS. It lets you quickly develop and test native iOS applications…using the awesome Ruby language you know and love”. As a long-time Ruby (and Rails) developer, when I first heard about this I thought I was in a dream! I have gone through those “…in […]