A writer and software developer of more than 14 years experience, Toby is passionate about helping new and small businesses make the most of the internet and cloud technology. When he's not writing or telling stories he's busy trying to make technology easier to use for the average business person, and can often be found in dark corners practicing magic tricks or lock sport.

Toby's articles

  1. Enabling Accessibility in Flex applications

    As conscientious developers we try to ensure that our applications are streamlined, self explanatory, and easy to use. We work hard to make sure they look good and lend themselves well to a given workflow, but often forget that not everyone experiences our work in the same way. From dyslexia and color blindness to full visual impairment and mobility issues, a percentage of the population face obstacles that can make using an application difficult or even impossible. In this article Toby examines several ways to tailor your Flex applications to make sure they work for all users.

  2. Data Visualization with Flex, Part III

    In this final installment of his Data Visualization with Flex series, Toby builds on the work from the first two parts to take our visualization to the next level. The final product allows you to visualize how often various tech key words are used on the SitePoint forums, and how they are connected. Even if you’re new to the series, it’s worth having a look to see the visualization in action!

  3. Data Visualization with Flex, Part II

    In part I of this series, Toby showed us how to extract a subset of useful information from a truly massive set of raw data: nearly all the posts from the SitePoint forums! In part II, we’ll set about turning that data into a useful visualization, showing how often keywords are used in an impressive, interactive graph.

  4. Data Visualization with Flex, Part I

    Adobe’s Flex can be a fantastic tool for visualizing data. In this first installment of a three-part series, Toby gives us some general theory on data visualization, and shows us how to extract meaningful data from an application and import it into Flex.