A writer and software developer of more than 14 years experience, Toby is passionate about helping new and small businesses make the most of the internet and cloud technology. When he's not writing or telling stories he's busy trying to make technology easier to use for the average business person, and can often be found in dark corners practicing magic tricks or lock sport.

Toby's articles

  1. Want Flash And MSOffice On The iPad?

    While their initial offering wasn’t quite what some had hoped, Onlive’s Desktop Plus seems to genuinely deliver the goods. The streaming desktop environment now allows you to run a full Windows 7 desktop on your ipad, giving you access to things like Internet Explorer 9, full Microsoft Office suite and even flash on the ipad! […]

  2. Startup Challenges Network Infrastructure Giants

    Over the last few months a new company called Nicira (“Nice-era”) has been quietly taking off. With enormous financial backing from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed Venture Partners and NEA, and having secured major hitters from organizations like Cisco and Juniper as team members, the network virtualization company is aiming to totally disrupt the […]

  3. How Much Is Your Cloud Costing You?

    The Cloud is in, and C-level execs everywhere are rushing to try to take advantage of new capabilities and services – but often without really understanding what they’re getting into. Many companies spend money on cloud solutions they don’t really need as it’s often difficult to determine how many instances are being deployed at once […]

  4. This Week In The Cloud

    A roundup of some of this week’s cloud news; Virtustream Acquires Enomaly Enterprise Cloud Solution Provider Virtustream has announced that their acquisition of Enomaly is complete. The purchase brings Enomaly’s “cloud exchange, federation and public cloud capabilities” into their product line. Chief of Corporate Development of Virtustream Inc. Bill McNamara said during the announcement that […]

  5. Box Aims For Federal Government Data In The Cloud

    Box’s star continues to rise after closing out 2011 with enormous growth among Fortune 500 companies, and now they have set their sights on major US federal government deployments. The big difficulty in getting any government anywhere in the world into cloud computing is always the overblown security fear angle, and so any work being […]

  6. End To End Encryption With Quantum Security

    One of the most irritating and zombie-like myths about cloud computing is that of its inherent lack of security. Media touts, platform competitors and other naysayers like to wax lyrical about the “risk” to your data from storing or even processing it in the cloud – most of which is complete nonsense. We’ll be addressing […]

  7. Ask CloudSpring: What Do You Want To Read About The Cloud?

    Trawling the blogosphere, listening to colleagues and clients and recently seeing some of the comments here on CloudSpring.com, it is very apparent that there is a great deal of hype surrounding cloud technologies that needs clarified. Many techs don’t seem to understand the divide between cloud development and classical static hosted development, business owners haven’t […]

  8. Heroku Wins Technology of the Year Award

    InfoWorld’s Annual “Technology of the Year” award is given only to the most innovative and useful products, and this year the Platform as a Service (Paas) product Heroku has been recognised as such. Heroku is a future looking PaaS that allows developers to focus on application development, with deployment, environment and scalability taken care of […]

  9. Hadoop 1.0 Release – Big Data for everyone

    Apparently 90% of the data in the world was produced in the last 2 years – which should give you some idea of just exactly how much data is being accumulated the world around, especially by large companies like Google. The data field is so enormous that traditional methods of linking, searching and retrieving data don’t work any more. This is Big Data. Big Data The term “Big Data” was popularized by Roger Magoulas from O’Reilly in 2005, although avid net trawlers have found evidence of the term being used occasionally as far back as 2001