Toby's articles

  1. Helpful Hyperlinks with JavaScript

    It’s often handy to append a small icon after a link to a file or an external site, so that users aren’t surprised when they follow those links. Toby shows us a nifty way to append those icons automatically with a spot of JavaScript.

  2. Why Multitasking is a Waste of Time

    You often hear people extolling the virtues of multitasking: you get more done, It’s the way of the future. Balls. Multitasking is great if you want to fill your time doing a lots of things not very well, over a long period of time. Sure you can: flicking between checking your email, Twittering, writing a […]

  3. For Sale: Web Application – Unused

    It seems to me that web applications market is heading for its very own dot com-esque bust. The basic ingredients are all there, VCs investing huge amounts of money in start ups. A general air of: if you build it, they will come. Then (of course) Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft will buy it. Underlying all […]

  4. The Web Is For Four-year-olds

    If you are reading this blog you are probably at least reasonably web savvy and use or know of services like Twitter and Flickr. You probably know what RSS is and how and why you might want to use it. Sometimes we forget that not everyone is as cool and knowledgeable as us. There are […]

  5. Freelancing: Handling the Midnight Client Call

    One point that came up from my last post (3 Golden Rules For Working From Home) was; how to handle phone calls during and after normal business hours, whilst working from home. There are three basic scenarios: 1. Client call during work hours Pick up the phone. Using voice mail has its place after hours, […]

  6. 3 Golden Rules For Working From Home

    One of the great things about working from your own home is freedom. Freedom to start work when you want, wear what you want and work the hours that you want. Right? Well actually, probably not. In reality working from home doesn’t work like that –- well not in my experience anyway. You usually end […]

  7. Google Adsense Trialed on Yahoo!

    Yahoo! is currently running a two week trial of Google’s Adsense on 3% of its US search results. The trial is seen as an investigation into the prospects of a long term partnership between the two companies. The core idea, (according to Yahoo!) is to exploring strategic alternatives to maximize stockholder value, but is it […]

  8. Save the Planet and Save Cash

    Now there are lots of good reasons to be more “green”, saving the planet, moral obligation, yadda, yadda, yadda. But, let’s get a bit selfish here — what’s in it for me and my business? I mean, of course there is the feel good factor about doing the “right” thing, but what about saving some […]

  9. Give Your Visitors a Rough Time

    Whilst out surfing the big WWW I came across Laurence Willmott project page about how people really tell the time. When asked the time, we generally don’t need to be military accurate with our response and so don’t tend to say ‘its nine fifty three and twenty two seconds’. We generally communicate the approximate time. […]

  10. Gmail’s CAPTCHA Cracked

    It has emerged, not long after a group of hackers cracked the Windows Live Mail’s CAPTCHA, Google’s Gmail CAPTCHA has also been hacked (possibly by the same group). Hacking Gmail is a huge scalp for the hackers, it gives them: use of the domain name — a domain name that is unlikely to be […]