Tom is Executive Director for Florentine Design & Marketing, a full service firm located in the Seattle-Area and a Source Code and Template Resource portal. He writes on the topic of HTML Email and Flash Email, with an emphasis on the technical and troubleshooting side of things.


  1. Rich Media Email Best Practices

    Yes, you can use Flash and other rich media successfully in email… provided you follow a few rules of thumb. Thomas explains the best-practice basics and shows how these guidelines can improve response rates for your real-world campaigns.

  2. Format HTML Email for AOL

    Until now, sending HTML email to AOL users was more trouble than it’s worth. Tom outlines the key issues – and solutions – for dealing with the AOL email browser.

  3. HTML eMail Troubleshooter

    HTML email might be a great way to communicate – but not if it’s delivered broken or bug-riddled due to email client and browser incompatibility. Tom shows how to avoid common executional problems.