Tara Hornor has a degree in English and has found her niche writing about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, and desktop publishing. She is a Senior Editor for Creative Content Experts, a company that specializes in guest blogging and building backlinks. In addition to her writing career, Tara also enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Tara's articles

  1. 50 Fantastic (Nostalgic) Retro Website Designs

    While coming up with this research, I struggled with the concept of “retro.” What is retro, really? Retro is the Beach Boys, World War II posters, psychedelic designs, and vintage 1940s and 50s Chevy ads. While I can’t put it into so many words, I can definitely show you what I think the idea of retro is […]

  2. 50 Incredible Film and Theater Business Cards

    The theater industry is very specific and much to my (pleasant) surprise has a very broad array of business card styles associated with it. I expected the designs to be like that of the real estate industry in terms of a fairly standardized look and feel. But, what I found was that this industry is […]

  3. 15+ Beautiful Examples of Script Typography in Product Design

    Script typography is a two-edged sword. Used well, it can enhance and set apart product design, giving it an elegant, playful, or even mysterious look and feel. But, if used poorly, you end up with a sloppy mess of a product label. I can imagine some designers could get nervous when a client wants script […]

  4. 50 Inspiring Nature Logos

    Whenever I’ve got a client that wants a very specific type of logo design, the first thing I do is research, research, research. In this case, a client wanted a natural-looking, “green” logo design. So, I pulled together a big list of logos from which I could get inspiration and aid in guiding the client. […]

  5. 30 Free Wood and Metal Photoshop Patterns and Textures

    I find myself constantly reaching for wood and metal Photoshop patterns these days. Whether I’m trying to add a little texture to a website button element or grunging up a photo, I always seem to have a need. So, I pulled together some freebies to keep available when I need them and decided to share […]

  6. 30 Delicately Grungy Websites Without the Dirty and Dark

    Sometimes that gray area between delicately grungy and too grungy is hard to find. It’s so easy to keep layering on the grunge until your design has turned into some mangled concept akin to something a zombie chewed up and spit out. I wanted a collection of websites that I felt like got close to […]

  7. Taking Fonts Outside: 30 Examples of Street Typography

    Street art, street typography, or typography graffiti — whatever term you call it — is one of the most intense art forms for many designers to study. Part of the intrigue is the speed and the limited tools with which these artists have at their disposal, not to mention the fact that often the art is illegal. […]

  8. The Best New Fonts of 2012 (So Far)

    I love fonts! Hands down, scrolling through gobs of new fonts is one of my biggest time-killers (second only to Facebook). From a creative standpoint, fonts are a major driver of design for me. Often, I look for the right font prior to any other design element. This collection includes some of the recent entries […]

  9. 2012 Logo Trends – So Far

    Have you ever eaten a packet of Kool-Aid? Well, I have and it’s wonderful. It’s a burst of super-concentrated flavor, not to mention a fun event to change the pace of any day that just needs a boost. Logos are a lot like Kool-Aid packets. They’re concentrated design concepts squished into a small icon, character, […]

  10. 5 Stunning and Usable Mobile Website Designs

    I’m not going to lie; it’s tough to find quality mobile website designs. The problem is that it’s a lot easier to search around on a desktop computer, but then you have to use an app to change your user-agent or change your screen size to see how the site responds. So this roundup has […]