Jina Bolton is an interaction designer at Crush + Lovely. Previously, Jina worked at Apple, Inc. as a visual interaction designer and front-end web developer. Jina Bolton is a visual interaction designer in Silicon Valley living in San Francisco. She is a co-author of The Art & Science Of CSS and holds a BFA in Computer Arts and Graphic Design from Memphis College of Art.

Jina's articles

  1. Interaction Design Demystified

    Interaction design is the process of defining your interface’s behavior. Having a solid, user-centered plan for your forms’ designs is the best way to ensure that they’re a success.

  2. The Foolproof Form Design Formula

    The first step to creating a top-notch form is to plan ahead:
    conduct research, look for inspiration, and draft wireframes. In this
    excerpt from our brand new release, Fancy Form
    Design, Jina Bolton shares her tips for building a solid
    foundation for elegant and functional forms.

  3. 23 Beautiful Examples of Web Site Archives

    Does your design enthusiasm extend to the archives section of your site, or do you tend to overlook its potential? In this article, Jina takes us on a tour of appreciation though a gallery of beautiful examples—you’ll never neglect this aspect of a site again!

  4. Breaking Out of the Box With CSS Layouts

    The caged bird may sing, but the jazziest tunes are sung by birds that have broken out of the box! In this step-by-step guide, Jina shows you how to take that cramped old grid-based page layout, and use CSS — and a little imagination — to break the bonds and set your design free!