Stuart Langridge has been a Linux user since 1997, and is quite possibly the only person in the world to have a BSc in Computer Science and Philosophy. He’s also one-quarter of the team at LugRadio, the world's premiere Free and Open Source Software radio show. Tony Steidler-Dennison is a Systems Engineer with Rockwell Collins, Inc., designing avionics and cabin data servers for commercial airliners. He’s also the host of The Roadhouse Podcast, "the finest blues you've never heard."


  1. The innovation balance

    There’s lots of people out there really pushing the envelope of what can be done with the DOM and CSS. You all know this. But, at some point, there comes a time when you hit a wall, and that wall is named Internet Explorer. This wasn’t always the case: to get to the Internet Explorer […]

  2. More on Internet Explorer 7.0

    The rumours are starting to fly thick and fast about the upcoming IE7.0. Although Microsoft have only said that the new version of the browser will focus on security issues, the web development community has been hoping that MS will take the opportunity to improve some of the areas in which IE lags behind its […]

  3. Helping the Internet Explorer team

    Chris Wilson, lead program manager for the web platform in Internet Explorer, has posted to the IE development weblog asking for people’s opinions on which standards IE7 should best attempt to support. While there’s a lot of “IE doesn’t support standards!” warcrying out there on the web, it’s refreshing to see that the team do […]

  4. Customising GMail with GreaseMonkey

    GreaseMonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to add “user scripts”: bits of JavaScript which are attached to a particular URL or set of URLs that run when that URL is visited. In essence, it’s like having a bookmarklet that does something useful to a page and having that bookmarklet automatically run when certain […]

  5. Ajax

    Jesse James Garrett and the team at Adaptive Path have coined the shorthand term “Ajax” to mean the combination of all this cool DOM and CSS and XMLHTTPRequest stuff that everyone’s going on about. Garrett’s article, “Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications”, defines Ajax as follows: standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS; dynamic display […]

  6. The power of pure CSS

    With all this cool JavaScript and DOM stuff going on, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that it’s possible to contort some pure CSS and HTML into acting like an interactive site without any scripting at all. I suspect that most readers here will have seen Eric Meyer’s css/edge, where he demonstrates some of the neat […]

  7. Documentation, documentation, documentation

    It is truly said that if you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen. With that in mind, I’m going to talk about a JavaScript-based mapping service that isn’t Google Maps. Community Mapbuilder is “a range of resources to help organizations get started with standards-based online mapping”. A major part of what they offer is […]

  8. Just another brick in the wall

    Hello, world! No, I’m not Simon Willison. Not this time. Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m a man of wealth and taste, as the bard has it. I’m Stuart Langridge, and Simon and I will both be posting to Stylish Scripting. I’m the author of SitePoint’s upcoming book on DOM scripting and DHTML and […]