Sandeep is a web developer and writer with a passion for Java, JavaScript and HTML5. He has 4+ years of experience programming for the web. He loves experimenting with new technologies as they emerge and his current love interest is AngularJS. Sandeep always looks forward to working with new and exciting opportunities. While not programming, he can be found playing games and listening to music. You can also find him blogging about various web technologies on his own website HTMLxprs.

Sandeep's articles

  1. Introduction to the HTML5 WebSockets API

    HTML5 has introduced many new interesting APIs, including WebSockets. WebSockets allow developers to create powerful real time applications by establishing socket connections between the browser and the server. In other words both the client and server can exchange data at any time because of a persistent connection. This tutorial explains how to use WebSockets to […]

  2. Parsing XML With SimpleXML

    An increasing number of web services return data in JSON format, but a large number still return XML, so you need to master parsing XML if you really want to consume the full breadth of APIs available. Using PHP’s SimpleXML extension that was introduced back in PHP 5.0, working with XML is very easy to do.

  3. 8 Practices to Secure Your Web App

    When it comes to application security, in addition to securing your hardware and platform, you also need to write your code securely. The number one rule is: “Don’t trust user input” But there’s more. This article explains what else you can do to keep your application secure and less vulnerable to hacking.

  4. An Overview of the JavaScript History API

    Modern web applications can access a user’s browsing history using the History API. As of HTML5 you can also manipulate history entries with great flexibility. This tutorial gives an overview of JavaScript’s History API, and explains how to use this feature while designing modern web applications.

  5. Basic Canvas Animation Using JavaScript

    The <canvas> element, introduced in HTML5, allows developers to dynamically create bit map graphics using JavaScript. In this tutorial you will learn about some of the basic operations supported by the <canvas> element and create a simple animation using JavaScript.

  6. Interfacing Java and JavaScript Using LiveConnect

    LiveConnect is a technique that allows Java and JavaScript to communicate with each other. It allows your Java class to call JavaScript methods and access the JavaScript environment. JavaScript can also access Java objects and invoke methods on them. LiveConnect was first implemented in the Netscape browser, and currently Mozilla Firefox fully supports this feature. […]

  7. Password Hashing In PHP

    An important security measure to follow is always hash your users’ passwords before storing them in your database, and use modern hashing algorithms like Bcrypt, sha256, or sha512 to do so. When you do, even if an attacker gains access to your database, he won’t have the actual passwords of your users. This article explains the principles behind hashing, salts, and Bcrypt.