Shane Morris is one of Australia’s most respected user experience professionals. Through consulting, mentoring and training he has helped organisations create compelling digital experiences since 1991. In that time he has worked on desktop applications, internet applications, mobile user interfaces, physical devices and web sites. Shane has taught user experience topics around the world and is a key contributor to “101 Things I Learned in Interaction Design School” at


  1. Designing with Microsoft Expression Blend

    In Shane’s previous article he looked at SketchFlow, the prototyping tool that’s part of Microsoft’s Expression Studio suite. In this article he shines a light on Microsoft’s Expression Blend design tool in the next step of his portfolio display project.

  2. Rapid Prototyping with SketchFlow

    Microsoft’s Expression Blend design tool includes a very interesting prototyping tool called SketchFlow. In this article, former Microsoft developer Shane Morris walks us through some of its unique features and shows us how to best use it for rapid application prototyping. There’s also a fun quiz at the end.