1. Library Manager Extension (Beta)

    Keith over at BIT-101 has created a rather nifty SWF panel for Flash MX 2004 for exporting, un-exporting, changing names, linkages names, first frame export status or class names from the Library. A very useful panel, even though it is still in beta; I can

  2. Flash / Director Integration Article

    The first of my articles has been published over the weekend here at Sitepoint and is based around the often misunderstood integration of Flash and Director. Whilst the subject is not overtly complex, there are several factors which need to be taken into account when creating such a project that integrates different technologies. The article […]

  3. Clever Use of Flash (Interactive Election Information)

    Occasionally you stumble across a site or an article and you find an interesting use of Flash, and today is one of those days. In the UK at the moment, we are in the middle of local government elections, and as we live in the digital age, the BBC have created an interactive UK map […]

  4. Vector Based Design Packages

    Microsoft has acquired the development team and rights to the software Expression, (formerly known as Creature House Expression, which they are offering for download from their site. I used this product quite extensively a few years ago, and it was superb for producing vector based illustrations with full control over the stroke sensitivity and a […]

  5. Your Suggestions for Flash Enhancements

    You and I (the users) of Flash are in an ideal position to voice any concerns of where we think that the Flash development environment could do with some bolstering up and attention; be you a developer or designer there must have been many times when you’ve thought the following: 1. Damn, I

  6. Upcoming Flash Player Enhancements?

    Judging by the amount of responses to Mike Chambers (Macromedia Product Manager for Developer Relations) post regarding possible GIF or PNG support in the next release of the Flash Player, the Flash community is pretty excited by the potential of an enhanced Flash Player in the not too distant future. Me…? I can’t understand why […]

  7. Messing with the PrintJob Class

    Its the same with anything, until you need to use the functionality of a given class or object in a project, you never delve into it unless you’re an ardent explorer type person!. I found the need to quickly explore the printing capabilities of Flash MX 2004 and was pleasantly surprised. In Flash MX 2004, […]

  8. Quick and Easy Depth Tricks

    I was rooting around in the Flash MX 2004′ sock drawer and stumbled across a rather nifty AS file ( buried in the installation directory; a little further exploratory work and i was pleasantly surprised to find some very simple methods for depth shuffling (kinda cool if you’re into game or windowed application development). Here’s […]

  9. Latest Flash Components and Add-Ons

    Well, it seems like folks have been busy developing components and add-ons for Flash lately; here’s a quick round up of the latest developments that caught my eye. First up is the B-LINE CHARTING COMPONENTS 3.0 from B-LINE EXPRESS; a set of charting components that can hook into sources from most common application servers, XML […]

  10. Flash MX 2004 Snippets Panel Preview

    Just a quick one to watch out for; Flash Snippets, a commercial Flash MX 2004 extension with several AS panels is due for release over the next few months based on the ever popular Dreamweaver Snippets Panel. More information here Here’s an overview of the individual panels lifted directly from Daniele’s Blog. Snippets With this […]