1. The Disappearing Blogger

    Well, a couple of reasons for the title to this post; let me explain 1. I’ve been so busy this week in preparation for going on annual leave that I’ve not had time to blog (not that I’ve been not thinking about things to write!), due to creating a stockpile of articles for you guys […]

  2. Wishlist + Sitepoint = New Articles

    Folks, To be completely honest with you guys and gals, I need your input! It’s fine and dandy me writing articles on what I think you want to read and plugging away, but if they don’t hit the mark, then its wasting your and my time. So far, the articles I’ve written have been well […]

  3. Latest Ellipsis Fixes

    With all the blog activity regarding Ellipsis (MM’s next update to Flash MX 2004), there are some major bug bears which have been addressed, and indeed fixed. Personally I can’t wait for the updater. Here is a list of the latest bugs () to be fixed, all to be found in the Flash Authoring Team […]

  4. Pausing Sound Clips

    I’ve been contacted over the past few weeks on several occasions regarding the use of sound and the sound object within Flash, and strangely enough, the same question keeps on coming up; “How do I pause and then resume sound?

  5. Changing Attributes on MX 2004 Halo Components

    One of the most often questions I get asked regarding Flash MX 2004 components and the Halo theme, is how to globally alter the color of the ‘Rollover’ in the List Component etc from the standard garish colors. In the following examples (I haven’t changed all the attributes), just create a new Flash document in […]

  6. Flash Interface Design Made Simple Article

    If you’ve ever wanted to get into Flash Interface Design, but have been under whelmed by the vector tools in Flash and overwhelmed by the potential complexity of creating interfaces in Flash, then read on. I’ve written a new article called ‘Flash Interface Design Made Simple’, the first in a series of articles giving you […]

  7. [Quickie]New Macromedia Product RSS Feeds Available

    A series of new RSS feeds are available from the Macromedia site for updating you on product updates, TechNotes and security bulletins. The list encompasses the majority of the MM product range, apart from HomeSite (which I assume active development has ceased on), and is a long overdue and much welcome addition to MM’s RSS […]

  8. [Quickie] Macromedia Studio MX 2004 Price Cut

    Macromedia have announced a limited offer of a reduction on the price of Studio MX 2004 Upgrade and Full versions with Flash MX 2004 Pro. The offer also extends to DevNet Pro Subscribers and runs until June 30th More information and pricing here

  9. [ Article ] Migrate ActionScript 1.0 to ActionScript 2.0 , Part 1: The Basics

    Another day, another article; this time I’m concentrating on shifting simple functions from an AS1.0 based environment to an AS2.0 environment. The concepts are easy enough to pick up so that anyone with a moderate smattering of knowledge of AS1.0 (i.e. the ability to create and call functions and relevant syntax) should be able to […]

  10. Migrating AS1.0 to AS2.0

    If you are working intensively with the new Flash MX 2004 components in your applications or just wishing to follow a more strict development environment for your applications, then AS2.0 is something that you just can’t get away from, but what I’m interested in hearing from the Sitepoint Flash community is how many of you […]