1. Macromedia Announces New Flash Video Kit

    For all you Flash MX 2004 Professional users out there, Macromedia has added a new weapon in the arsenal for web video integration. Via a Dreamweaver MX 2004 extension, the Flash Video Kit allows the easy addition of streaming / progressive video download The good news is, for users who purchase and register online before […]

  2. Remove Your Scaling Woes!

    **Updated 09/08/2004**: v1.0.3 now includes middle mouse wheel support for quick granular control Not one to sit around twiddling my thumbs, here’s another panel hot off the press as requested by a SitePoint reader that remedies the problem of exactly scaling objects to a given percentage. I know myself, if you have objects that you […]

  3. ScatterBug Command Panel for Flash MX 2004

    Well, I got tired of duplicating MC instances and altering their opacity at the same time a long time ago, so I thought I’d knock up a quickie panel for duplication and opacity control, which takes a single MC and duplicates it according to your selections within the panel. Note: Please create a new Flash […]

  4. Font Adjuster Panel for Flash MX 2004

    Well, this is one that I use in Fireworks all the time, and thought I’d port it over to Flash just due to the sheer time-saving nature of the panel. Altering the text size of single or multiple selected text areas can be a royal pain either having to go into the Property Inspector and […]

  5. SitePoint Flash Blog Panel for Flash MX 2004

    Note: Extension Updated 04/08/2004 to include a link to a summary of all the blogs Well, I got in from work tonight, and had a ponder; then rapidly created a new panel for you guys, the SitePoint Flash Blog Panel Reader. If your RSS reader isn’t open all the time or you don’t have one, […]

  6. Twist and Fade Command for Flash MX 2004

    I’ve created another interesting command, this time with a twist (literally). Some of you may be familiar with the Twist and Fade Command that shipped with Fireworks MX and Fireworks MX 2004, and this one does similar things only in Flash MX 2004. Download Twist and Fade for Flash MX 2004 >> Download Twist and […]

  7. Flash Anthology Excitement

    To say I’m excited about the latest book release from Sitepoint is an understatement. “The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript” is the latest offering from Sitepoint for Flash users, and I’m proud to be involved in such a book. The release of the book occured during my annual leave, so unfortunately I haven’t […]

  8. JSFL Quickies III :Selective Layer Lock

    Selective Layer Locker I often find when working in Flash (as I like to arrange my layers in logical orders) that selecting objects on the stage in a particular layer, and resizing using the subselection tool etc can be somewhat of a pain when you have a lot of objects on the stage. I used […]

  9. JSFL Quickies II

    Create Basic Layers Command Here’s another timesaver, when you’ve just created a new FLA, use this command to quickly create your new layers (Actions, Components etc) rather than manually adding them in every time. Create Basic Layers (MXP)

  10. JSFL Quickies

    JSFL (Flash JavaScript) is a powerful medium for interacting with the Flash API during authoring in MX 2004, and over the past few months I’ve been examining the API with a view to creating time saving commands. This is kind of an ongoing process, so I thought I’d throw in a couple of quickies that […]