1. OT: How Cool Are Your Flash Projects?

    I tend to work from home and office quite a lot, and transfer my IDE drive between the two places on a daily basis. My old 5.25″ IDE caddy was seriously in need of replacing due to damage and the fact the internal fan had packed in, so I replaced it with the beastie shown […]

  2. New Flash Article!

    There’s a new Flash article released at Sitepoint entitled The Ones That Got Away: Image Loader and Random Link Apps in Flash, which covers a couple of development effects that didn’t make it into the book (Flash Anthology: Cool Effects and Practical ActionScript), so why not wander over and take a look! The effects encompass […]

  3. Flash Video and Learning Curves

    I had a few minutes spare last night, and created a mini-focal piece for and the Flash Anthology book using a small video clip and some winky effects in After Effects 6.5. The effect is simple and to the point, but uses some complex keyframing to achieve the desired effect. What I’m driving at […]

  4. Blinds Transition Effect for Flash MX 2004 Professional

    Note: Flash MX 2004 Professional Only! See Blinds Transition Effect for Flash MX 2004 Professional in Action>> Download Blinds Transition Effect for Flash MX 2004 Professional>> Following on from yesterdays post (Pixel Dissolver for Flash MX 2004 Professional), I’ve created the Blinds Transition Effect in a similar fashion. All that remains for me to do […]

  5. Pixel Dissolving Effect in Flash MX 2004

    Note: Flash MX 2004 Professional Only! See Pixel Dissolver for Flash MX 2004 in Action>> Download Pixel Dissolver for Flash MX 2004 >> In Flash MX 2004 Professional, there is the ability to add transitions to screen based applications as you are moving screen to screen (you know the kind; Iris, Wipe, Blinds etc), which […]

  6. New Flash Article

    Flash has many hidden facets, and many components that can often be overlooked, ignored or undervalued. In my latest Sitepoint Flash article Flash’s Hidden Gems: The NumericStepper Component, I dig into the NumericStepper component, a component whose value will soon become apparent when you start to investigate its methods, properties and events. If you’ve ever […]

  7. Comment Adder Panel for Flash MX 2004

    Download Comment Adder for Flash MX 2004 >> View the Interactive Movie of Comment Adder in Action >> Anyone for another timesaver? This time, I’m attempting to save you some time when adding comments to your ActionScript by way of the Comment Adder for Flash MX 2004. It has the following features: Dynamically add comments […]

  8. Alpha Fader for Flash MX 2004

    Alpha Fader can be downloaded here >> Example of Coded Example that took a couple of seconds to create! One of the most common tasks done in Flash via ActionScript is the opacity fade, and when used cleverly can add a nice touch to your Flash projects. I tend to use opacity fades quite a […]

  9. Dynamic Skewer Panel v1.0.5

    I’ve added an enhancement to the Dynamic Skewer Panel that was mentioned via this blog yesterday, to include some simple isometric checkboxes to make commonly used skews available at the click of a button. To those of you who downloaded the extensions yesterday, the link is to the same file, but a different version (v1.0.5), […]

  10. Dynamic Skewer Panel for Flash MX 2004

    Off the heels of the Dynamic Scaler Panel for Flash MX 2004 , is another panel, this time controlling the skewing of an MC. This panel simply gives you fine granular control over the vertical and horiztonal skewing If you find any issues, then feel free to use the panel on the left to send […]