1. BJC Bit Component Set Released

    The guys over at Beam Jive have released a major component set for Flash MX 2004 containing over 30 components. Whilst the set is a commercial component set, it’s only 80 Euros, and they are fantastic to say the least Main features are a huge reduction in file size (over 2/3 smaller than their MMV2 […]

  2. Macromedia Releases Latest Installation of the DevNet Series

    DevNet Resource Kit Volume 9 has been released by Macromedia, and includes some interesting Flash Components as well as extensions and applications for ColdFusion and Dreamweaver. Enhanced DataGrid Now contains draggable columns, PageControl component (for record navigation) all wrapped up in the ubiquitous halo theme XHTML TableRenderer Allows the creation of complex tables using HTML […]

  3. What’s All The Excitement About? This…

    A little late with this one, but I’ve been changing jobs over the past few weeks, so it’s been a little busy! Apologies There’s something afoot, something so huge, it will change the way we work and create our Flash applications in the future, yep you guessed it, Macromedia have revealed a mini sneak preview […]

  4. Article: Flash Panels: Inspiration, Creation and Implementation

    Regarding my recent article on creating your very own Flash Panels, I’d be interested to see what you have managed to create using the article as a starting point for your own projects. I’d love to see your creations, and what you have managed to accomplish using the article and included source files as a […]

  5. Quickie: Shared Object Fiddling

    Personal Hit Counter Shared Object Example >> Messing around with code in Flash MX / MX 2004 can produce some interesting results, some more useful than others, and in this case a quick and dirty personal hit counter for the number of times you have visited the site you implement the code on, along the […]

  6. Interface Inspiration From Real World Devices

    I tend to design a lot of interfaces for both Fireworks and Flash extensions, some can be simple, some are more complex with many different parameters that the user has the ability to control. Most of the Flash command panels that I’ve written for the SitePoint blog have had simple controls (such as dials and […]

  7. Iris and Wipe Transition Panel for Flash MX 2004 Professional

    Well, the last in a series of transitional based panel effects for Flash MX 2004 has arrived, and in this Flash Panel we have 2 more scripted effects that take advantage of the built in screen transitions and automatically writes all the code for you: Download Iris / Wipe Transition Panel for Flash MX 2004 […]

  8. Photo Flasher Effect Panel for Flash MX 2004 Professional

    Another panel has been released today, this time taking advantage of further built in (but hidden) features of Flash MX 2004 Professional to produce a simulated ‘flash snapshot’ for your Movie Clips. As before, multiple event handlers, duration, direction and easing are available within the interface to make adding the effect to your Movie Clips […]

  9. Add Some Emphasis to Your Site

    There are some days when an interesting technology just makes you sit up and think ‘Thats a really good idea!’, and today is one of those days. Working with TelSim Software, to test their new ‘Noah’ technology which is essentially a web site enhancement device driven in Flash, I was astounded at how easy it […]

  10. Next Major Flash Release Will Focus On…

    …designers, according to Mike Chambers (Developer Relations Product Manager for Macromedia). For the past couple of releases Macromedia have concentrated on developers as is more evident in Flash MX 2004 Professional than Flash MX 2004 with its bias towards data based components. It’s good to see Macromedia giving some long overdue attention to the designers […]