Ste Brennan: Mobile and Emerging Platforms Specialist. Ste is an experienced digital marketing developer and strategist currently working at Code Computerlove and heavily involved in mobile and emerging platforms, from idea generation and strategy to implementation and delivery.

Ste's articles

  1. BuildMobile: Beautiful Image Galleries Using PhotoSwipe

    PhotoSwipe is an open source library that provides your mobile website visitors with a near “native like” gesture based image browsing experience that is not dissimilar to the image viewer app pre-bundled with iOS devices. In this article I’ll give a quick run through of getting started with PhotoSwipe as well as providing some more in-depth technical tips and tricks, which I learned along the way when developing the library. Getting Started Getting started with PhotoSwipe is simple.

  2. Beautiful Image Galleries Using PhotoSwipe

    PhotoSwipe is a web standards based image gallery specifically targeting mobile and touch devices. The designer and developer of the open source library himself, Ste Brennan, provides a quick start guide and some technical tips and tricks to using PhotoSwipe.