Ryan has been involved with client-side scripting since 1999 when he started high school. He was part of the Flex SDK team and is now a software consultant.


  1. Review – PHP 4 Bible

    The PHP 4 Bible – the ultimate reference, or the ultimate dud? Ryan’s review reveals the truth about this IDG Worldwide publication from the point of view of an experienced PHP programmer.

  2. JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Part 1

    Object Categories There are three object categories in JavaScript: Native Objects, Host Objects, and User-Defined Objects. Native objects are those objects supplied by JavaScript. Examples of these are String, Number, Array, Image, Date, Math, etc. Host objects are objects that are supplied to JavaScript by the browser environment. Examples of these are window, document, forms, […]

  3. JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Part 1

    Keeping Things Tidy Let’s say we want to keep all our properties and methods in the same place – in the Circle() constructor function. There are many ways to do this. Let’s first examine inner functions. An inner function is a function within a function (say that sentence quickly ten times!). Here’s what they let […]

  4. JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Part 1

    An Object An object is a collection of properties. These properties can either be primitive data types, other objects, or functions (which in this case are called methods, but more on this later). A constructor function (or simply, constructor) is a function used to create an object – this too we’ll discuss in detail later. […]