Remi is from The Netherlands and spends most of his time developing web applications and socializing. When he's not busy doing either of those, he likes watching NFL games, (ice)speed-skating, playing a game from the Half-Life(2) series, or watching a multi-layered movie.

Remi's articles

  1. Preventing Code Rot 101: Unit Testing

    Since it’s infeasible to fully comprehend all problems that your codebases solve, as well as all their solutions, something needs to be done to help prevent code rot. One way or the other: the code needs to be refactorable to live happily ever after. And that’s where unit tests come in; they provide a simple way to write proofs that your code works as intended. But what should tests cover? Find out here, and make sure your code is protected today!

  2. Living Apart Together: Decoupling Code and Framework

    Most code written today at a professional level is dependent upon some framework in one way or another. This is a good thing as it means developers are aware their not alone in the world and are reusing the work of others to save loads of time in the long run. But exactly how dependent is your code? Learn why and how to decouple your code from the underlying framework in this article.

  3. Exceptional Exceptions

    PHP5 introduced exceptions, a special class that can be thrown and caught (as opposed to errors which are raised) indicating an unexpected event. Unlike errors, exceptions are designed to be handled by the calling code and will bubble up the execution chain until they are caught. Many of us are using exceptions in our daily code, but are we using them correctly?