Rhys Tague is a web engineer who develops and manages enterprise-level rich internet applications. He believes that everyone has a different view of how the Web should be used and developed. You can read his view at his blog.


  1. An Absolute Beginner’s Tutorial On Flex 3 Article

    Taking Things Further: ActionScript 3.0 While MXML defines the structure of your Flex application, ActionScript 3.0 defines your application’s behaviour. Now, you may be thinking, "Hang on. If I can do so much with MXML, why do I need ActionScript 3.0?" Well here’s the confusing part; MXML is actually a pretty form of ActionScript 3.0. […]

  2. An Absolute Beginner’s Tutorial On Flex 3 Article

    To run this simple page as a Flex application, we need to compile our MXML code using the Flex SDK. The result is shown below: The first thing you’ll notice is that MXML is an XML format. To indicate to the Flex compiler that we’re defining an application, we use the <mx:Application/> element, in the […]

  3. An Absolute Beginner’s Tutorial On Flex 3 Article

    If you’re thinking of submitting an article in SitePoint’s Flex/AIR competition, but don’t know where to start, then Rhys is here to help! In this beginner’s article, you’ll learn the very basics for using MXML and ActionScript 3.0 to develop Rich Internet Applications in Flex 3.0.