Ravi Pratap is the CTO of MobStac and is responsible for all technology strategy, product innovation, and engineering execution. MobStac is the world's first mobile commerce platform for developers delivering exceptional mobile commerce apps on iOS, Android and Windows. We offer robust SDKs and backend services for developers specializing in app development for e-commerce businesses and consumer brands.

Ravi's articles

  1. Accepting Payments in iOS Apps

    In mobile commerce apps, one of the most crucial aspects that determines success is the design of your payment flow. Having gotten a user to the point where they’re ready to make a purchase, your app will need to request credit card details. It will then process the credit card through a payment processor, and deliver the purchased goods on a successful transaction.

    A well-designed payment flow for an app should take into account the constraints of screen real-estate on a mobile device. It should require minimal typing and input from the user while completing the transaction, and make repeat purchases seamless by eliminating the need to go through repetitive steps.

    We will also show how to integrate the Stripe SDK into your iOS app to collect credit card information, and use a backend server to charge it.

    Here is an overview of the steps we will need to follow:

    1. Create a Stripe account & access your API key
    2. Download the Stripe iOS SDK
    3. Collect card information
    4. Create a single-use token
    5. Send the token to your server
    6. On the server, call Stripe to charge the card and complete the transaction