Ralph is the co-founder and principal of fantomaster.com Ltd. (UK) and fantomaster.com GmbH (Belgium) fantomaster.com, a company specializing in Webmaster software development, industrial-strength cloaking and search engine positioning services.


  1. Spam Fighter’s Toolkit

    Sick of Spam? Ralph’s list of online Spam-fighting weapons provides proactive strategies: mail forwarding, filtering, and reporting. He also lets us in on a few tricks to give the perpetrators a taste of their own Spam!

  2. Review: LinksManager Reciprocal Links Service

    Sounds like a great idea: You put my link on your web site, and I’ll put your link on mine. But anyone who has ever actually done it knows how time-consuming it can be to add, edit and monitor all those precious, traffic pushing links. Now there is a solution at hand, and we review it.

  3. To Wap or Not to Wap

    Wondering whether to WAP enable your site? To help you with the decision we have provided a comprehensive list of links to WAP resource sites.