Raena Jackson Armitage is an Australian web developer with a background in content management, public speaking, and training. When she is not thinking about the Web, she loves knitting, gaming, all-day breakfasts, and cycling.

Raena's articles

  1. Can You Imagine the Web in 20 Years?

    The late Eighties! Mike and the Mechanics were at the top of the charts, George Bush, Senior had just become President of the US, and a CERN contractor by the name of Tim Berners-Lee was busy writing a little paper entitled Information Management: A Proposal. That paper was submitted twenty years ago last Friday — and to Raena, that’s a reason to celebrate!

  2. What’s So Bad About CSS Frameworks?

    Standards-aware web developers often feel conflicted about using CSS frameworks. They’re useful, but can be overkill. Raena argues that using a framework as training wheels is harmless as long as your goal is to eventually break free.