Raena Jackson Armitage is an Australian web developer with a background in content management, public speaking, and training. When she is not thinking about the Web, she loves knitting, gaming, all-day breakfasts, and cycling.

Raena's articles

  1. 3 Must-Watch Topics in 2010

    No one wants to be left behind in this industry. Raena examines three major topics that you absolutely must get to know in 2010 — or risk being left behind by your colleagues!

  2. Expression Web – Your New PHP Tool Kit

    Microsoft Expression Web 3 has some unique features that make it invaluable to web developers. In this article, Raena puts the web development tool through its paces and cranks out a simple PHP page. After reading the article, you can test out your knowledge with the Expression Web Quiz.

  3. Build a Lifestream with SimplePie

    If you’re anything like Raena, you have bits and pieces of your online life scattered absolutely everywhere — photos, comments, tweets, blogs, favorite links — stashed away in all kinds of profiles. Wouldn’t it be nice to aggregate all those on one page? Find out how in this introduction to the SimplePie feed parser.

  4. Interview: Opera Software’s Chris Mills

    Chris Mills is a developer relations manager at Opera, a major contributor to the Opera blogs and the Opera Web Standards Curriculum, and he’ll be coming to Web Directions South this year. We grabbed Chris for a quick chat about his work, his upcoming workshop, and the state of web education generally.

  5. ColdFusion 9: Why You Should Pay Attention (Yes, You!)

    It’s fun being in this business—there are so many new, shiny technologies and techniques cropping up all the time. A cool new Rails-based CMS? Awesome! 3D trickery with CSS3? Even more awesome! An update for ColdFusion? That’s right—ColdFusion. Read on to learn why Raena thinks the latest version is worth a look.