Racheal Dane is a technology buff and writes for Stealthmate. She follows tech news and views like it is the only thing she ever needs. Her interests vary from operating system designs to wireless technology and online security issues

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  1. Android L: Developers Enjoy Unprecedented Freedom

    Google’s forthcoming iteration of Android, currently dubbed ‘L’ release, has developers with a sweet tooth excited for all sorts of reasons. Rather than presented as an update to one of the most popular Operating Systems on the planet, the tech giant is touting it something far bigger. L is a foundation on which Google plans to continue building upon in the future.

    While the ‘L’ release has many features that may contribute to the realization of this vision, the one that has managed to overshadow the rest is a new design language, called ‘Material Design’. Granting developers a whole new level of control on the visual, motion and interaction design of their apps, Google seems to be waging on the creativity of those who made Android such a huge success.