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Peter is Vice President of Digital Marketing at an investment holdings company in Washington DC and Co-Founder of True North.

Peter's articles

  1. 4 Things to Consider Before Naming Your Next App

    Developing an app is a long, iterative process that can be quite a test of patience and perseverance. After building, testing, debugging, and finalizing a mobile app, developers are often tempted to rush through the final steps and propel their project over the finish line. Despite the strong temptation, premature release is never a good […]

  2. Mobile Security Showdown: Android vs. iPhone

    Hacking is a very serious matter. Too often we see users lose their sensitive information on the Internet, which leads to compromised emails accounts, which in turn can quickly grow into online banking vulnerabilities, identity theft, and worse. Most security professionals would agree that proactively preventing personal data from getting stolen is far easier than […]

  3. What Apple’s New Passbook Means for iOS Developers

    Passbook is a new app that comes with every iOS6 installation. It’s basically an intelligent “virtual wallet” that organizes your many memberships, gift cards, reward programs, and digital purchases. Not only does Passbook allow users to slim down their wallets by discarding physical cards and passes; it also offers timely updates based on user location […]

  4. 5 Reasons To Start Building Windows 8 Apps Right Now

    The next big app market goes live on October 26th, when Microsoft releases Windows 8 to the general public. If you’re a developer, you’ll want your polished, pixel-perfect app in the Windows Store on day one. Microsoft is giving app developers early access to Windows 8 development tools and resources, and if you take advantage […]

  5. Do More Designing and Less Tweaking: Enlist Tweaky to Handle Your Minor Website Work

    Designers spend quite a lot of their day not designing. Because the design work itself is highly subjective, designers spend a tremendous amount of time setting appropriate client expectations, developing “scopes” that determine the exact boundaries of projects, and most importantly, figuring out exactly what clients want through a medieval process of translating nonspecific client […]

  6. 5 Ways to Ruin Your Next Mobile App Launch

    The app market is one of the most competitive in the entire technology industry. Customers have millions of options at their fingertips, prices are low, profit margins are thin, and the smallest flaw or missing feature can take your app from being the best of its kind to being lost within a sea of similar […]

  7. UberConference Makes Conference Calling Faster, Easier, and Better

    Smartphones, tablets, and telecommunications in general have evolved in leaps and bounds over the past few years, but somehow conference calling – the most common kind of call for most businesses – has remained almost completely unchanged. If you showed a business executive from 1990 an iPhone or Android, they’d likely be amazed, flabbergasted, mesmerized, […]

  8. 5 Free, Fantastic Design Resources For Catalyzing Creativity

    Design work is very difficult without a great collection of resources. If you’re struggling with “designer’s block” or searching for the inspiration to start your next big design project, resources are often the best way to begin. There are thousands of paid, premium resources on the web, but there are equally worthy free resources that […]

  9. Would You Value a Smaller iPad?

    For quite a long time, there have been rumors and speculations that Apple may introduce a smaller, cheaper version of their wildly successful iPad. This is unquestionably good news for mobile users, many of which have already accepted the smaller screen sizes (and welcomed the lower price tags) of competing tablets such as the Google […]

  10. Should Your Next App Follow A Freemium Business Model?

    Between squishing bugs, squeezing in new features, and propelling their next mobile project to market, mobile developers rarely have an opportunity to give the task of pricing their app the consideration that it deserves. The price point (and the revenue strategy in general) can have as much of an effect on the success of an […]