1. Enterprise SaaS and the Coghead Lesson

    Coghead, one of the Web’s best enterprise SaaS solutions closes shop. Whether the economy helped close it down, or data security was the issue, the Web lost some great innovation. How can we prevent failures of good innovation?

  2. Nokia On The Move Again With Skype Deal

    Nokia, along with Apple and Microsoft, apparently have a more refined model for how to market products to millions of users. Part of this apparent “advantage” no doubt arises out of their potential not only as producers of great devices, but the inherent ability of those devices to support a myriad of applications.

  3. Is Entertonement Entertaining SPAM?

    Entertonement raised $5 million in venture capital money for their sound clip database, and has grown steadily over the past 5 or 6 months. How have they done it with little to no advertising or press coverage? The answer might be by spamming.