1. Is Entertonement Entertaining SPAM?

    Entertonement raised $5 million in venture capital money for their sound clip database, and has grown steadily over the past 5 or 6 months. How have they done it with little to no advertising or press coverage? The answer might be by spamming.

  2. Startup Leftovers: What To Keep And What To Throw

    Testing new web apps can be akin to dining on an exquisite feast … but then there are “the leftovers”. Phil has been gorging on some of the newer web apps popping up lately, and gives us the low-down on what deserves to stay in the fridge — and what should be chucked.

  3. WebNotes Puts A Sticky On The Annotation Game

    Researching information online should be both efficient and accurate, and browser tools are perfectly poised to assist the process. Phil takes a look at the latest offering in this space, WebNotes, and like what he sees. Mostly.

  4. Stream Your Life Completely with thisMoment

    Through photos, video, blogging and social interaction, thisMoment creates a user experience unlike any I know of. Imagine Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Delicious, Facebook, MySpace and more, all packed inside a beautiful and functional box.

  5. Two Trillion Reasons Why KIDO’Z Will Succeed

    Keeping kids safe on the Internet could turn out to be a multi-trillion dollar industry. At least, that’s what the makers of a kids-only web browser, KIDO’Z, are banking on. Phil reviews the browser and wonders why he didn’t think of the idea himself.