Patrick Mulvey is a freelance web developer with broad experience in both client-side and server-side development. PHP is his favorite language for creating websites, despite all its quirks.

Patrick's articles

  1. What’s New in PHP 5.5

    PHP 5.5 was recently released, introducing several new features. In addition, a long list of bugs have been resolved, and various optimizations and enhancements have been made to improve performance and stability. This article goes through some of the most interesting additions to the language and discusses the benefits they provide.

  2. Logging with PSR-3 to Improve Reusability

    Logging is a ubiquitous task; we use logs to track error messages,debug problems, and record important events. Unfortunately, having calls to a logging library scattered throughout our code makes the code dependent on the availability of that library, a clear violation of the Dependency Inversion Principle. In this article, learn how the PSR-3 logger interface allows us to write reusable code that isn’t dependent on any particular logging implementation.