Peter Brindisi has been a Ruby on Rails developer since the early days. About a year ago, he decided to leave his native homeland of New York for the shores of Italy to become CTO of frestyl. He thoroughly enjoys finding new and interesting ways to utilize Rails, and loves writing and playing music in his free time.

Peter's articles

  1. Simple, Organized Queueing with Resque

    After having used many different queueing systems, from the venerable BackgrounDRb, to DelayedJob, to roll-your-own solutions, I’ve settled on the excellent Resque. The now-famous blog post from GitHub’s Chris Wanstrath says it all, and the README has everything you could ever hope for in terms of getting up and running. However, Resque leaves a lot […]

  2. Introduction to Using Redis with Rails

    Redis is a key-value store that stands out from others, like memcached, in that it has built-in support for data structures like lists, sets, and hashes, and that it can persist data to disk. As such, it is quite useful as both a cache store and as a full-fledged, NoSQL data store. In this article, […]