Paul is president of trademarkSEO, a search engine optimization firm serving clients nationwide. Paul specializes in organic search engine optimization, competitor intelligence reports, Web analytics and SEO consulting. He has provided search engine marketing expertise and consulting services to over 10,000 Websites, including some of the most prominent names in American business. trademarkSEO provides search engine marketing services aimed at increasing traffic, boosting conversions and achieving lower customer acquisition costs.


  1. Dynamic Site SEO Tips and Hints

    Great – you’ve got a dynamic Website… but how will you optimise your databased content to achieve top results in the search engines? Paul has the answer!

  2. Search Engine Damage Control

    Over-zealous or uninformed Webmasters can easily wind up spamming the search engines by mistake. Fear not – Paul’s step-by-step guide explains what to do if you’re caught in this sticky situation.

  3. Search Toolbar Roundup

    Search toolbars put a range of handy utilities at your fingertips, and help you save time. Paul gives us the rundown of the top 7 toolbars on the Web today.

  4. Secrets to Site Search Success

    Does your site’s search functionality work? Paul explains the importance of a successful site search tool, differentiates the good from the bad, and directs us to some great resources.