Ofer Yourvexel is CEO of WRNTY, a provider of mobile sales apps for catalog and order taking. His management experience spans the global high-tech and retail sectors.

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  1. 4 Ways to Improve Your App UX

    When creating your app, user experience is always a major factor.

    However, many app developers don’t make it a big enough priority, and become caught up in assuming their idea and design works without actually factoring in true users’ experiences.

    So, here are 4 ways to improve your app UX.

    #1: Get feedback early

    Don’t wait until your app is released to find out what you could have done better, take advantage of user-testing services, such as Verify, uTest, and UserTesting.com, to understand how users interact with your app and identify what’s missing.

    It’s important to test both your target user base, and niche targets so that you understand what different people are looking for.

    When acquiring feedback from your users, find out what task-based functions they want, what they aren’t using, and how the design could be improved.

    Don’t just identify what users like and don’t like, but truly understand why a certain process is complicated to them and, after making changes, test them again to see how much their satisfaction has increased.

    Make appropriate tweaks at every step of app, not just before you release the app or immediately after. The most successful apps consistently complete user testing and then re-test after each new update.

    #2: First impressions matter, so make set up simple.

    Today’s mobile users are crunched for time and are often turned off by complicated sign-ups or set-up instructions for mobile apps.

    Reduce log-in and set-up to as many steps as possible, and after a user has installed the app, be sure your app settings are easy to find to make the experience as customizable for users as possible.

    When it comes to notifications, sounds, and even log-in protocols, users want to have the ability to choose.

    When designing your log-in/sign-up page, pay attention to making it both graphically appealing as well as easy. Additionally, pay attention to what you are emphasizing. It shouldn’t be hard for new users to know how to create an account, or for existing users to log in.