Nick is a software architect and developer with experience across a range of technologies, and has a particular interest in the future of rich client and mobile device applications. Nick is a speaker, author, a Microsoft MVP and owner of Built To Roam.

Nick's articles

  1. Nokia Windows Phone: Question 1

    Your chance to win a Nokia Windows Phone is here. Read the following question. Tweet a link to it. Post a great answer in the comments. One lucky draw entry is yours. Look out for lots more questions over the coming weeks.

  2. BuildMobile: How To Create Dynamic Live Tiles

    One of the most innovative features of Windows Phone is the Start screen with its Live Tiles. In the original release applications were limited to a single Tile that the user could pin to the Start screen from the applications list. This changed with the Mango release where a user can elect to have multiple Tiles on the Start screen, representing different parts of the application. In this article we’ll look at how you can create Live Tiles and specifically how you can dynamically create the background image for the Tiles

  3. How To Create Dynamic Live Tiles

    With the release of Mango for Windows Phones, the innovative feature of Live Tiles was augmented to include the possibility of multiple Tiles on the start screen representing different parts of the application. Nick Randolph demonstrates a dynamic approach to this feature.

  4. BuildMobile: What’s New in Windows Phone Mango

    Ever since Windows Phone first shipped almost a year ago there has been almost endless discussion about what the next update/version will include. The first major update earlier in the year saw the introduction of copy-and-paste, clearly something that was supposed to be in the first release but just didn’t make the pre-Christmas deadline set in order to ship the first round of devices. Since then the focus has been on Windows Phone Mango, an update to not only the consumer experience on the device but also a major refresh of all the development tools, APIs and even marketplace.

  5. What’s New in Windows Phone Mango

    With the release of the developer tools for Windows Phone Mango today, Nick Randolph gives us a run down of the main features in the Windows Phone 7.5 update. The release of the platform is imminent, and expected some time this week.

  6. Migrating iOS Apps to Windows Phone

    In this important article Nick Randolph investigates the potential of including Windows Phone in your professional skill set. Turns out the migration path from iOS to Windows Phone is well trodden and full of useful resources. Let’s take a long walk down that path.

  7. BuildMobile: Theory of a Cloud Based Photo Sharing App using Windows Phone and Azure

    In the next couple of posts we’re going to go on a bit of a tangent and discuss how you can connect your Windows Phone application to the cloud. Whilst a lot of these concepts can be applied to any of the cloud service providers, for the purpose of this discussion we’re going to focus on Windows Azure. The example we’re going to work through is a photo sharing style application, Capture TechEd, which was actually created in preparation for my Phone+Cloud session at the recent TechEd NZ and TechEd Australia events.