Hey, my name is Nikolas Göbel. I'm a german student making software (check out my current project rankique.com). I'm trying to make life easier through technology and hope to succeed someday.

Nikolas's articles

  1. SQL or NoSQL: Google App Engine Part – 2

    In the first part of this series, we looked at a relational databases and how NoSQL is different in comparison to relational databases. In this part we will look at “Google App Engine Datastore” which is one of options for storing your data with Google App Engine. Among other options first one is Google Cloud SQL […]

  2. SQL or NoSQL: Google App Engine – Part 1

    NoSQL is a trending topic and pretty much everyone from Google to Facebook has some flavor of it. In this two part post we try to answer the dilemma of Sql or NoSQL. First part will explain benefits and mechanics of each plain old Sql and new shiny NoSQL. In second part we will specifically look at […]