Hi, we are Nicolas Acuna and Mikka Olsson, co-founders of Ebbex.com, a high- end iPhone and iPad design and development company. You can learn more about us here.

Nicolas Acuna and's articles

  1. 4 Ways to Turn Happy Customers into More Mobile Business

    It’s no secret that happy clients lead to more business. Whether they commission you for a second project or share your name via positive word-of-mouth, investing in your current clients’ happiness is one of the most efficient ways to grow your clientele and find better, more rewarding work. In fact, if you focus on referrals, […]

  2. 4 Ways To Avoid Scope Creep And Still Please Your Clients

    Landing a mobile development deal is a tough task and a rewarding accomplishment. But, as anyone who has created an app knows, landing the deal is just the beginning. As the production process begins, designers and developers need to be aware of a very tricky problem called scope creep. Sometimes, clients feel that — since they […]