Mark Wilston works with, an India-based outsourcing and consulting firm. PixelCrayons offers extended teams to its clients, helping them to reduce Time To Market (TTM) and enhance Return On Investment (ROI). With services such as CMS web development and eCommerce development, PixelCrayons helps clients define and leverage their offshore strategy, offering them “value for money”. One can hire PHP programmers for effective PHP development.

Mark's articles

  1. Safely Deprecating APIs

    Deprecating features before they are done away or transformed gives users who depend on your code time to update their own code. By following the advice in this article, you will find it easier to keep your code fresh and your users won’t have any unhappy surprises.

  2. Better Understanding Random

    Random values play an important role in many PHP applications, and many libraries and frameworks rely on them for generating tokens, salts, and as input for functions. This article gives you an overview of what random values are used for and why they’re important, and peeks under the hood of how they’re generated.