An interaction designer, Max Wheeler believes interactive media should function as beautifully as it looks. He currently resides in Canberra, Australia, where he works with Icelab, a media-agnostic design agency filled with nice, well-caffeinated people. Aside from client work, Icelab's projects include the community-oriented Decaf Sucks and real estate startup RentMonkey. When Max is not designing or building things for the Web, he takes photographs, travels the world, plays Ultimate frisbee for Australia, and drinks twice the daily recommended intake of espresso. On occasion, he's been known to drop in at Web Directions South to speak about building mobile web applications.

Max's articles

  1. DesignFestival: Design for Mobile — Putting it Into Practice

    We’ve looked at some of the broader considerations when designing for mobile, so now let’s address the business of our application. First, we need a plan. Our client has given us some high-level user scenarios, which we will need to examine in more detail to figure out what each means for our application. It’s crucial to decide precisely which features we intend to deliver, and to whom

  2. DesignFestival: Design for Mobile — Build a Better Mouse

    Many, if not most, of the new breed of mobile devices use touch as their main input method. While many of the principles we usually apply to interface design are the same, there are some shifts in mindset required. Our fingers are remarkably dexterous, but they lack the same level of precision of a mouse.