Moshe Teutsch is a freelance web developer and entrepreneur. He specializes in PHP programming and is currently available for hire. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess, singing, writing, reading, philosophizing, and coding in esoteric programming languages.

Moshe's articles

  1. PHPMaster: Introduction to PhpDoc

    If you’ve ever tried to read code written by someone other than yourself (who hasn’t?), you know it can be a daunting task. A jumble of “spaghetti code” mixed with numerous oddly named variables makes your head spin. Does this function expect a string or an array? Does this variable store an integer or an object?

  2. Introduction to PhpDoc

    PhpDocumentor is a powerful tool that allows you to easily document your code via specially formatted comments. The documentation will be available not only in the source code, but also in professional documentation extracted from the code. In this article you’ll learn how to use PhpDoc to generate documentation from beginning to end.

  3. PHP Namespaces

    Namespaces are a powerful language feature that prevents naming collisions with identifiers, such as function, class, and interface names. It was a long awaited feature in PHP, finally making its debut in version 5.3. This article explains why namespaces are important, and teaches you how to use them effectively in your own PHP code.