Loves crafting apps that are usefull and beautifly coded while teaching others how to do the same. When not coding he likes mountain biking and all sports that involve speed.

Michal's articles

  1. Ember and TodoMVC on Rails

    With all the attention client side MVC frameworks are getting, I decided it’s time to have a real look at one of them and decide for myself if the hype is worth it. To build something interesting and also not re-invent the wheel, we will be building on top of the TodoMVC application. It’s the same application that is used as an example in the official ember guide.

  2. Upgrading Your Mind to Rails 4

    If you’ve spent any time doing Rails, you’ve undoubtably had a moment where you were doing project work in a specific version and upgrading to the latest and greatest was out of the question. This happened to me while working on a multitude of (at the time) greenfield projects that started life in the days […]