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  1. Five Critical Lessons from Freelance Camp Vancouver 2012

    As a professional freelance writer, I spend most of my days working alone in my home office. That said, while I may work for myself, that does not mean that I should be working by myself. There is a lot to be gained by networking with the rest of the freelancing and small business community. […]

  2. Cleanly Manage Your Files and Apps With File Expert for Android

    As great as the different versions of Google Android may be, they’re still not the best at providing you with a real file manager the way that you would organize files on a more conventional computer. Thankfully, there is an abundance of apps available through the Google Play Store that serve this purpose and one […]

  3. Upgrade Your Text Messaging with Mr. Number for Android

    Amazingly, most smartphone operating systems do not come with the ability to block and filter phone calls, and many data plans have expensive texting fees that can add up quickly. Mr. Number addresses the one area of smartphones that hasn’t evolved — the sending and receiving of phone calls and texts.

  4. AirDroid Lets You Manage Your Android on Your PC

    Don’t get me wrong. I love my Android smartphone and tablet. They’re great for getting things done on the go, like checking my email, browsing the web, or updating my Facebook account. Even so, it’s usually faster and more comfortable to do those kinds of tasks on a regular old computer with a real keyboard […]

  5. Maximize Your Data Plan and Battery with Connection Planner for Android

    As a general rule of thumb, your life is just easier to handle when you automate more things. You might already have your cell phone bill being automatically billed to your credit card, for example. The same kind of thing can be said about automating the processes on your Android smartphone, helping you eliminate some […]

  6. X-plore Dual Pane File Manager for Google Android

    Some people will tell you that we are in a so-called “post PC” era, but that’s not really true. The personal computer has just started to take on different forms, because the smartphone in your pocket or the tablet in your backpack is just as much a “personal computer” as the desktop PC that you […]

  7. Catch Notes Notepad for Android Helps You Captures Your Ideas

    What was the title of that book I wanted to read again? What was that brilliant blog post idea that I had while riding the train? Where was that great deal that I spotted for a new microwave? We all have little ideas and tidbits of information that we need to remember, but we often […]

  8. Extend Your Smartphone Battery with JuiceDefender for Android

    It really wasn’t that long ago when all of us were walking around town with regular old cell phones, using them primarily — get this — as phones. Text messaging came along, but the impact on battery life was minimal. And then, all of a sudden, smartphones became the norm. We just had to be […]

  9. Auto Memory Manager: The Smart Task Killer for Android

    Even though we’re seeing an increasing push toward faster processors with more cores, smartphones and tablets are still limited by the amount of RAM they have under the hood. One of the biggest reasons why your Android smartphone might feel sluggish isn’t because the processor isn’t holding up its part of the bargain; it could […]