As Director of Bam Creative, and Chairperson of the Australian Web Industry Association, Miles spends his time managing his business or speaking about managing businesses. Recently awarded as one of the top Western Australian entrepreneurs under 40 years old, Miles can also be found writing at his blog.

Miles's articles

  1. Ask Others for Reviews

    Positive customer reviews draw attention and instil confidence. Miles Burke came across a clever way of getting them.

  2. Get Creative on Facebook

    Facebook pages are in demand, and savvy designers and developers can expect clients to ask for them. Miles Burke thinks Facebook Studio might be just what you need.

  3. Recollect and Relax

    An overseas trip inevitably requires a myriad small tasks that all have to be done. Miles Burke finds listing them puts him back in control.

  4. Alphabet of Web Business

    Here’s a catch-up of the Alphabet of Web Business Miles Burke has been exploring in our Tribune newsletter. This runs from A to N.

  5. Don’t Be First, Be Second

    Learn from others’ mistakes, especially the ones who come just before you. Then don’t make those mistakes. Miles Burke explains why second can be best.