1. Obsessing with Google PageRank

    PageRanks are not the magic answer that will make your site rank higher in Google’s search results. The numbers you see in the Google toolbar are irrelevant too. So if PageRanks don’t matter, what does?

  2. More Google SEO Myths Exposed

    Did you know that every time you publish a web page Google assigns it a PageRank greater than zero and that your website template counts in the duplicate content calculation?

  3. How Google Determines the Relevance of a Page

    Google’s ranking algorithm is a constantly evolving, closely guarded secret, but there are a few constant parameters that you can rely on. Mihaela lists a few tips on how to optimize a web page for better local rankings in Google.

  4. Five Logo Design Tips with David Airey

    We see logos everyday – on blogs, on news sites and corporate websites, on buses and consumer goods, on buildings we pass by and advertisements, etc. Logo design changes with the trends of the moment, but there are things that always hold value, no matter what the “trends” say.