Martin Englund is the Senior Operations Architect at Turn Inc, where he works on fully automating the company's infrastructure, to meet the demands of handling over 1,000,000 QPS. He is a firm believer that if you aren't automating it, you are doing it wrong. Martin has over twenty years of experience in security and automation, and has contributed to DevOps tools, like Puppet and Vagrant. Prior to this role, he worked at VMwave/Pivotal where he developed BOSH - the orchestration tool chain that deploys, runs and manages the open source Cloud Foundry PaaS as the commercial service Before that he worked a long time and held many positions at Sun Microsystems, including Principal Security Engineer running Sun's external web presence, in Java Security Engineering and the Sun IT Security Office, where he was responsible for creating the standards and tools used by Sun IT to secure its servers. He has also authored numerous technical papers on security, including co-authoring the Solaris Security Essentials book.

Martin's articles

  1. Why Style Matters

    Freedom of expression is a good thing, and we all have our own style of coding. One of the great aspects of Ruby is it gives you a lot of liberty with the syntax. Some people always leave out parentheses, unless they’re required, while others always include them, even when they are superfluous.


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    When you work together with others on a project, the team should agree upon a coding standard and strictly adhere to it. Exactly what is in the standard is less important, but everyone agreeing to it and following it is crucial.