Maurice Cherry is a web entrepreneur, freelance technology journalist, and technology consultant for non-profit organizations and politicians. He is best known as the creator of the Black Weblog Awards, the world’s premier event for showcasing bloggers, podcasters, and video bloggers of the African diaspora. Maurice is also Creative Principal at 3eighteen media and an adjunct professor with DeVry University. Maurice is an honors graduate of Morehouse College, and currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

Maurice's articles

  1. Snap, Edit, and Share Photos with Instagram for Android

    When Instagram first launched in October 2010, it was an instant success. Their popularity has largely been because of their vibrant community of iOS users. Now Android users can join in the photo-sharing fun with the recently launched Instagram app available on Google Play. Let’s take a look and see how Instagram on Android works.

  2. Create Sketches and Compete With Your Friends in Draw Something

    Draw Something is a fun game which combines elements of Pictionary and Words with Friends into an intuitive and easy interface. While there are some issues with notifications and deleting games, overall the game is a great change of pace from other word games on the market with just enough variety to make it worth a download.

  3. Improve Your Productivity with iTomato

    The tremendous array of applications for our mobile devices is staggering. We have games and messaging programs and eReaders and so much more. But there are also apps available to help keep us action-oriented and make our days more productive. On first glance, iTomato does not look like one of those apps — it’s just a simple timer for the popular Pomodoro Technique. Let’s explore how the iTomato app may prove useful within this popular time management strategy.

  4. Hands-On with Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition

    Grand Theft Auto III marked a groundbreaking shift in the action/adventure genre of video games. A little over a decade ago, the popular shoot-em-up title burst onto the scene, and gamers received an experience of organized crime, gang and mafia rumbles, and unbridled mayhem akin to a sizzling Hollywood blockbuster. Recently, Rockstar Games released a port of GTA III for iOS and select Android devices in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary. Does the epic Liberty City saga of violence and revenge translate to mobile devices? Let’s find out!

  5. Set Alarms and Much More with Wake Smarter

    Wake Smarter is dubbed as the first voice-controlled alarm clock for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Just tell Wake Smarter when you want your alarm, and that’s it! But this app has more under the surface than you think. Let’s take a look and see what really makes it stand out.

  6. Create a Simple, Private, Curated Social Network with Path

    Path — a “smart” journal app — aims to change this. Path allows you to share your life (music, photos, videos, location, etc.) with your close friends and loved ones in a simple social network tied to your mobile device. I know what you’re thinking though…doesn’t this sound just like Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking app? It does in theory, but Path has some interesting quirks which definitely make it stand out from the rest.

  7. Listen to Handcrafted Mixtapes with 8tracks

    When I was a teenager, I made mixtapes on cassettes using songs from the radio all the time. The best mixtapes had a consistent theme, cool artwork, and no radio advertisements or awkward pauses between songs. Unfortunately, cassettes have fallen out of popularity, but the concept of compiling your own mixtape is a truly modern […]