Michael "Davert" Bodnarchuk is a web developer from Kiev, Ukraine. He runs the small outsourcing company Codegyre. He's developed web applications since 2004 with PHP and its major frameworks: Seagull Framework, Symfony, and Zend Framework. His goal is to bring great and usable products to the world, keeping the internal structure of the project well-organized and comprehensive. Davert is also passionate about travelling and tourism.

Michael's articles

  1. Ruling the Swarm (of Tests) with Codeception

    Designing and building a great web application means that our workflow and architecture allow for constant improvement to the product. In order to make our products stable and to have confidence that new commits have no adverse-effect on existing code, we use automated testing practices. And just as we need a proper architecture for our application, we need to design a proper architecture for our testing platform.

  2. Thoughts of a Pragmatic Tester

    Some of us write unit tests, others don’t. Indeed, it’s important to test common usage, situations of improper usage, and rare events. But it’s also important to write your tests pragmatically, using functional (acceptance) tests for application’s behavior, and unit tests for internal APIs.