Matthew Magain is a UX designer with over 15 years of experience creating exceptional digital experiences for companies such as IBM, Australia Post, and He is the co-founder of UX Mastery, and recently co-authored Everyday UX, an inspiring collection of interviews with some of the best UX Designers in the world.

Matthew's articles

  1. Digg’s Designer Divulges Design Details

    Whilst at the Web Directions South conference, Matt got the opportunity to chat with the talented designer behind popular web sites Digg and Pownce, Daniel Burka. The interview reveals some fascinating insights into the design decisions behind one of the most highly trafficked sites in the world.

  2. Web Directions South, Day Two: Crowd vs Community

    Perhaps it’s because last week’s Web Directions South conference was the fifth that he’s attended that SitePoint’s Matthew Magain is more difficult to impress than he used to be. Somehow though, Web Directions South ’08 managed to meet his high expectations.

  3. Web Directions South, Day One: Conversation Is King

    The SitePoint/99designs team were out and about at Web Directions South today, mingling with the punters and sharing coffee and carrot cake with the speakers. Miles mentioned in a recent issue of the SitePoint Tribune that there are a number of reasons why you should attend conferences, and gave some tips for getting more out […]

  4. Cool SitePoint Schwag At Web Directions South

    If you’re heading to Web Directions South this year, be sure to keep an eye out for Team SitePoint. Apart from presenting on many of the panels, there will be plenty of us circulating amongst the crowd, handing out plenty of free schwag—namely some “old faithful” orange and blue SitePoint t-shirts, as well as some […]

  5. More Free Stuff? Yep, Take A Quiz And Win A Book!

    We seem to be doing a lot of these giveaways lately! The latest Flex article that we set live today on, Map Your OpenSocial Data Using FLex, follows a trend of late—complete a quiz to test your knowledge of the tutorial, and you can win a copy of Jack Herrington’s pocket guide, Getting Started […]

  6. 99designs Voted Best Web Site At SmartCompany Awards

    A quick shout out to the guys who work at SitePoint’s sister company,, who last week took out the “Top Website Award” in the 2008 SmartCompany Awards, which honors the fastest growing and most innovative companies of Australia in 2008.

  7. Jina Bolton on Creating Sexy Stylesheets

    Jina Bolton is a designer and artist, working and residing in Silicon Valley. In this candid interview, she reveals where she finds inspiration for beautiful design, why she is fascinated by sushi and robots, and what makes a style sheet “sexy.”

  8. Target Settles Accessibility Lawsuit for $6 Million

    Over two years ago, Bruce Sexton tried to get Target to make their web site,, more accessible for blind users. Target refused, so Sexton sued. This week, Target have finally agreed to make changes to their site to accommodate visually impaired visitors, and will pay damages of $6 million to those affected.

  9. Would You Switch To IE8?

    Sure, you use Firefox for web development. But all those plugins can really slow things down. Given the recent inroads Microsoft have made on their flagship browser, would you ever consider switching (back) to IE?

  10. Another 100 Free Adobe AIR Books: First In, Best Dressed!

    We’re at it again. If you missed your opportunity last week to pick up a copy of the excellent pocket guide, Adobe AIR For JavaScript Developers (that’s the dead-tree version), then now’s your chance to grab a copy again. We just set live the second of Akash Mehta’s tutorials on building applications with AIR, Learn […]

  11. SitePoint Services: Introducing Clients To Vendors

    Interested in trialling a new lead-generation service? SitePoint Services is a vendor-matching service that connects individual companies looking for web development services with qualified vendors who offer those services. As a customer, you can request multiple quotes for your project, at no obligation. And as a vendor, it’s a terrific way to expand your client base.

  12. Free Book Giveaway: Adobe AIR For JavaScript Developers

    It’s official—SitePoint readers love quizzes, and they love book giveaways even more. First, we gave you multiple chances to receive a free copy of Jack Herrington’s pocket guide to Flex 3 (the dead-tree version). All you had to do was read an article or two about developing with Adobe Flex and take a short quiz. […]

  13. 5 Awesome Productivity Apps For The iPhone

    Since the iPhone App Store launched, a huge number of productivity apps have been launched, all varying in functionality, price and quality. Here are five that really stand out as being “must-have”, from reading RSS feeds to emailing voice memos to yourself and more.

  14. Who Is The Best Web Developer In Australia?

    The McFarlane Prize for excellence in Australian web design is on again, with the winners being announced at the Web Directions South conference in Sydney in September. Who will be crowned the best web design/development team for 2008?

  15. Create Your Own Font Using FontStruct

    I’ve always wanted to dabble in creating a custom font that reflected my own style and flair, but tackling the task using a professional tool always seemed too daunting. Until FontStruct, an online font construction application, came along.

  16. 10 Tips for Being a Greener Web Designer

    In the immortal words of Kermit, it’s not easy being green—but there are ways you can do your bit for the environment. Here, Matt offers ten commonsense ways to reduce your carbon footprint … and your energy bill.

  17. 7 Reasons Why The New SitePoint Front Page Rocks

    Sure, writing a post with a title like this is just begging for someone to go and list a bunch of reasons why they think it sucks, but what the heck — we’re really excited about the new approach we’re taking with the front page. Here’s why.

  18. Learn Design From The Masters—First Up: Mark Boulton

    Today we published the first in our series of SitePoint Community Interviews with renowned designers, entitled Mark Boulton’s Freelance Design Secrets. In the interview, Andy Kowalik, one of our mentors on the SitePoint Forums talks to UK-based designer Mark Boulton about how he got started in design, how he made the leap from salaried employee […]

  19. Why The 10 Commandments Of Web Design Are Complete Baloney

    I read this morning in the SitePoint Industry News forum that BusinessWeek had compiled what is being referred to as The 10 Commandments of Web Design. The experts who contributed to this list include widely read authors and speakers like Dan Cederholm, Dave Shea, Khoi Vinh and Jeffrey Zeldman. Here it is: 1. Thou shalt […]