Matthew Magain is a UX designer with over 15 years of experience creating exceptional digital experiences for companies such as IBM, Australia Post, and He is the co-founder of UX Mastery, and recently co-authored Everyday UX, an inspiring collection of interviews with some of the best UX Designers in the world.

Matthew's articles

  1. Introducing the SitePoint Personas

    We recently decided to develop some personas to represent the core readership of, and this is what we came up with. How well do you think we’ve captured the SitePoint readership?

  2. Build Your Own Data-backed Personas

    When Matt created the SitePoint Personas, he combined two different methodologies, and it worked surprisingly well. Here, he describes the process he followed, and explains how you might do the same when designing your own web sites.

  3. McFarlane Prize 2009: Nominations Open

    The McFarlane Prize for excellence in Australian web design is on again this year. If you’ve worked on a site that is eligible, and you believe it deserves recognition for its adherence to web standards, accessibility and looks and works great, submissions are now open!

  4. Build Your Own URL Shortener

    Kay’s latest tutorial walks you through the creation of a web app to shorten URLs using the slick new beta of ColdFusion Builder. If you’re interested, you can play along at home, and quiz yourself on how well you did!

  5. Take the Web Directions Quiz and Win!

    The Web Directions South conference is on in Sydney again this year, and one lucky SitePoint reader will win a ticket to attend. Just answer our fun “Web Directions” quiz, and it could be you!

  6. Web Directions South: Discount Tickets for SitePoint Readers

    Early bird pricing for this year’s Web Directions South conference has been extended—you have less than two weeks to register to save $200 off your ticket price. Combined with the exclusive SitePoint discount code, there are no excuses not to attend what is shaping up to be possibly the best Web Directions ever!

  7. More Video Action From FullCodePress 2009

    At the FullCodePress event, Matt cornered the project managers from the respective teams, to ask how well their team was working together, what challenges they faced, and what kind of web site we could expect to see after 24 hours of solid work.